Hello! We are Wade and Jessica, co-founders and owners of Nuggle Bug, a cloth diaper service and boutique. We are so glad to have you visiting today.

Our cloth diapering journey started in 2012, while we were preparing for the birth of our second daughter. A cloth diapering cousin told us that we should consider cloth diapering and our initial reaction was, “Ew, no way!” However, we didn’t completely close the door on the idea and eventually did a little (which turned into A LOT) of research.

Ultimately, what won us over to cloth diapering was the money saving aspect of using cloth.  We also really liked the idea of creating less waste and leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint. The third benefit of using natural fibers didn’t come into play until Jess started back to work. Our childcare provider preferred not to use cloth, so we purchased disposable diapers to be used when our little one was not at our home. Well, our little “Nuggle Bug” started getting pretty serious diaper rashes. It took us several months to figure out that she was having a reaction to the disposable diapers.

Through our whole cloth diapering journey, the one thing that we wished we had was a local cloth diapering store; somewhere to go in and see the different types of diapers, feel the quality of the materials, and have a real live person there to answer questions and walk us through all of our options.  Later in our journey, once we were both back to work, we would have loved to have been able to use a cloth diaper service; it would have made life so much easier to let someone else take care of cleaning all of our diapers.

Fast forward to current day and we are happy to say that we are here to make our wishes a reality for all of your cloth diapering needs.

Diaper Service

We will take care of the diaper laundry for you so you can cherish the time with your little
Nuggle Bug!

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Shop with us online or come visit us in our Rochester, MN Boutique. We are passionate about cloth diapers and committed to helping families find a cloth diapering system that works for them.

Cloth Diaper 101

Are you looking to learn more about modern cloth diapers? Or you're not quite sure what style of cloth diapers to go with for your baby? Well this is the class for you!

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Please let us know if you ever have any questions about cloth diapering your little Nuggle Bug!

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