The following are the items currently on Consignment at Nuggle Bug!

  • Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of the Consignment Items.  We are more than happy to answer any questions to the best of our knowledge. 
  • All items are available in our Rochester, MN Boutique, however we are able to make arrangements if you would rather purchase online and have your items shipped to you.  Our regular shipping rates will apply.
  • All consignment sales are FINAL. 

All-In-Ones ~ Pockets ~ All-In-Twos ~ Covers ~ Absorbency ~ Wool ~ Accessories ~ Baby Wearing ~ Other Items





Absorbency - Fitteds, Prefolds, Flats, Inserts, Doublers


Potty Training

Cloth Diaper Accessories

Baby Wearing - Wraps, Carriers, Slings

Other Baby/Parenting Items

Cloth Diaper and Natural Parenting Consignment

Has the time come that you are ready to part with your cloth diapers?

Let us help you with the process! 

We are now accepting the following items for consignment:

Cloth Diapers – Must be in good condition and free of any smells (including smoke, pet, perfume, build up, etc…)

AIO, Pockets, AI2, Newborn, Flats, Prefolds, Fitteds, Covers, Wool Covers, Wool Shorties, Wool Longies, Inserts, Boosters, Liners, Trainers

Cloth Diaper Accessories – Must be in good condition and free of any smells (including smoke, pet, perfume, build up, etc…)

Diaper Pails, Pail Liners, Wet bags, Diaper Sprayers, Diaper Spraying Guards, Cloth Wipes, Diaper Bags, Hanging Dryers, Cloth Diaper Storage, Diaper Bags

Baby Wearing

                                Wraps, Ring Slings, Carriers, etc…

Breast Feeding

                                Breast Feeding Covers, Breast Pads

Cloth Diaper Friendly Clothes

Maxaloones, Harem Pants, Baby Legs, Rompers, Sleeping Sacks, T-Shirts

Natural Baby Items/Toys

Maternity/Mama Items

Contact us for more information!

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