This list is a work in progress.  If you are a daycare that would like to be put on this list or know of a daycare that accepts cloth diapers, please drop us a message and let us know! 

* Please see the Minnesota State Laws Regarding Cloth Diapering in Day Cares at the bottom of this page. *

Rochester, MN

Daycare Centers

NW Rochester

Address: 402 14th St NW – Rochester, MN 55901

Phone: 507-282-5676


Address: 3675 9th St. NW – Rochester, MN  55901

Phone: 507-322-6700


Address:  3212 22nd St NW – Rochester, MN  55901

Phone: 507-226-8254

Additional Information: Open 6am – 10pm  7 days per week

NE Rochester

Address: 2460 Clare Lane NE – Rochester MN  55906

Phone: 507-529-8034


Additional Information: Must provide a sealed container to transport dirty diaper home each night.  No Pins allowed.

SW Rochester

Address: 2600 2nd Street SW – Rochester, MN  55902

Phone: 507-424-2660


SE Rochester

Address: 1026 East Center Street – Rochester, MN  55904

Phone: 1-800-462-1660 OR 1-507-287-2009


Additional Information: Early Head Start is a free, full-day, full-year, family centered early care and education program for pregnant women, infants and toddlers ages 0-3 years and their families. Early Head Start offers families in Olmsted, Rice, Freeborn, and Winona counties multiple options including Home Based, Part Day Center Based, and Full Day Center Based. The program provides comprehensive child development and family support services that enhance the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of participating children. In addition, Early Head Start provides young children with an array of comprehensive services including health, nutritional, behavioral, and family services in the families’ homes or child care centers. Early Head Start’s family driven philosophy empowers parents to support and nurture their children, while meeting other critical social and economic goals that families experience.

In Home Daycares

NW Rochester

Address: 10th St NW – Rochester, MN  55901

Phone: 507-272-6187

Address: 2219 Trolls Ct NW – Rochester, MN 55901



Additional Information: Prefers All-In-Ones or All-In-Twos, but willing to try others.  No pins, please.  You will need to provide the wet bag and plenty of diapers and everything must be labled.

Address: 2511 18 1/2 Ave. NW Rochester, MN  55901

Phone: 507-272-1471

Facebook: Kendra’s A to Z Daycare

NE Rochester

Address: 935 16th Ave. NE – Rochester MN  55906

Phone: 507-259-2991


SW Rochester

SE Rochester

Address: Harbor Drive Southeast – Rochester, MN  55904

Phone: 507-421-7048

Address: 908 19th St. SE – Rochester, MN  55904

Phone: 507-285-0852

Address: S Village Dr SE – Rochester, MN  55904

Phone: 507-202-1965


Address: Peterson Lane SE – Rochester, MN  55904

Phone: 608-738-8131


Address: 4714 Vine Pl SE – Rochester, MN  55904

Phone: 507-459-9186

Additional Information: Prefers All-In-Ones, but can work with just about any style of cloth diaper. Diapers and supplies must be labeled.

Southeast MN

Dodge County - Southeast MN



Dodge Center



Address: Kasson, MN

Phone: 507-281-0958

Additional Information: Breast Feeding/Cloth Diaper Friendly


West Concord

Mower County - Southeast MN



Austin Township




Grand Meadow


Lansing Township

Le Roy


Lyle Township



Rose Creek

Address: 13647 600th Ave – Rose Creek, MN  55970

Phone: 715-218-1800




Udolpho Township


Wabasha County - Southeast MN




Lake City

Address: 1020 S 6th St – Lake City, MN 55041

Phone: 507-396-3842

Facebook: @MelsLilMunchkins

Additional Information: Will require one day plus current day supply on hand. Melanie will not launder or rinse diapers. Dirty Diapers will be sent home daily.  Diapers will need to be labled with child’s name.




Reads Landing


Zumbro Falls

We currently do not have any cloth friendly daycares listed for the following counties.  (With the exception of Rochester in Olmsted county)

If you are a daycare provider in the following counties, or know of one, please let us know so we can get you added. 

Freeborn County - Southeast MN

Fillmore County - Southeast MN

Goodhue County - Southeast MN

Lake City - See Wabasha County

Houston County - Southeast MN

Olmsted County - Southeast MN






*Rochester - See Above*



Rice County - Southeast MN

Steele County - Southeast MN

Winona County - Southeast MN


Minnesota State Laws Regarding Cloth Diapering in Daycares

According to the Minnesota Administrative Rules Chapter 9502, Licensing of Day Care Facilities, Part 9502.0435, Sanitation and Health, Subp. 13, Diapers:

Children in diapers shall be kept clean and dry. The following sanitary procedures must be used to reduce the spread of communicable disease.

  • A.  An adequate supply of clean diapers must be available for each child and stored in a clean place inaccessible to children. If cloth diapers are used, parents must provide a change of the outer plastic pants for each fecally soiled diaper change. Cloth diapers, except those supplied by a commercial diaper service, and plastic pants, if supplied by parents, must be labeled with the child’s name.
  • B.  Diapers and clothing must be changed when wet or soiled.
  • C.  For disposable diapers, a covered diaper disposal container must be located in the diaper changing area and lined with a disposable plastic bag. The container must be emptied when full, and at least daily.
  • D.  Diapering must not take place in a food preparation area. The diaper changing area must be covered with a smooth, nonabsorbent surface. If the surface is not disposable and is wet or soiled, it must be washed with soap and water to remove debris and then disinfected with a solution of at least two teaspoons of chlorine bleach to one quart of water. If the surface is not soiled with feces or urine, then it must be disinfected with the solution of chlorine bleach and water after each diapering.
  • E.  Single service disposable wipes or freshly laundered cloths must be used for washing a soiled child. A child who has soiled or wet must be washed with a disposable wipe or a freshly laundered cloth before rediapering.
  • Cloth diapers, except those supplied by a commercial diaper service, plastic pants, and soiled clothing must be placed in the plastic bag after removal and sent home with the parent daily.

In other words:

  • Parents must provide enough diapers for the day, plus a few extras to make sure your day care provider doesn’t run out.
  • Diapers and other supplies must be labled.
  • Dirty diapers will be sent home at the end of each day in a plastic bag. Most day cares are asking for families to provide clean zippered wet bags.

**Please note that each individual daycare may have additional requirements or requests based on their comfort level or abilities.

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